Edward Maalouf may not have won any medals at the Paralympic Games this year but he’s still a great athlete committed to his sport and country, and for that we should be the ones thanking him!

Edward has proven he had the potential to win medals when he clinched two in Beijing in 2008. What he still lacks though is proper support (mainly financial) to prepare for the next Paralympics or any upcoming championships.

For that purpose, I think we should start from now a petition of some kind or talk with some officials to provide the support needed for Edward. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Here’s the letter he posted on his Facebook wall.

Dear FB friends.

As you know I didn’t came to the games just to participate, but I had a dream to reach. But this dream I wasn’t able to realize it, due to many reasons and the biggest one the finance side and the absence of the support of my country during my preparation. To prepare for the Paralympics it need 4 hard work years and preparation, many things should be done, many things to be managed, and all this I was doing it alone. Athlete should concentrate on his training and his races but in my case It was different.
I want to congratulate the guys who won, they deserve it, they were in good shape and they brought our sport to higher level, and to compete these guys now we should work much more harder, but nothing is impossible in life if you put all your effort and you believe in yourself, but sure you have to be realistic in life.

I want to thank you all for all the support that you show, that meant a lot for me.

Now time to take rest from all the stress and the hard time that I had and I will keep you updated with what I am intending further to do.

Thank you !!!