The poster above has stirred up some controversy on The Angry Monkey’s Facebook page whereas some people considered it to be sexist and disrespectful to women while others liked it.

Knowing that the Angry Monkey is a pub and not a restaurant, and that a lot of people go there to watch local bands perform, and that they’ve been posting ever since they opened all sorts of naughty/dirty jokes and pictures on their page, I am not really sure we can label this as a sexist poster. What are your thoughts on that? [Another “Dirty” Poster]


Interestingly enough, most of the Angry Monkey staff are women, including the manager and the page admin who uploads these pictures (As per her own comment). This being said, maybe they should consider getting a hot guy, with Daniel Craig-like abs, to pose for their next poster having a burger lol!

All in all, this pub is obviously not targeting people sensitive to dirty jokes/posters and sexual innuendos and is definitely not renting billboards to show these Sexy/Sexist posters, so the best thing IMHO is to just loosen up and have a laugh or Unlike the page and not visit the pub.

You can visit The Angry Monkey’s Facebook Page [Here].