Coca-Cola’s Happiness truck has been roaming the world for years now and it has finally come to Lebanon! The concept is simple yet creative and highly engaging: A rigged Coca-Cola truck roaming the country delivering doses of happiness, connecting with as many people as possible and putting a smile on their faces.

I got a text late last night from my friends at Uf Concepts, who designed this awesomely Ramadan-branded Coca-Cola truck, asking me to go down and press a “Push button”. I went down to find a beautifully lit Coca-Cola truck and half the neighborhood out on their balconies wondering what’s that about. As soon as I pressed the “Push” Button I started getting collectible Coca-Cola items from ice buckets, beach towels, T-shirts, stress balls, car sunshades and obviously coke cans and bottles (I’m #TeamCoke by the way). Needless to say, it’s not the gifts that matter but creating an authentic and unscripted emotion and it definitely made me smile 🙂

The truck has been roaming around Lebanon and delivered doses of happiness to Jbeil, Sidon, Tyre, Aley, Hammana and Dora to name few. If you come across it in the next couple of days before Eid, make sure to press that Push button on the back.

Where will happiness strike next?

I have no idea which country the Coca-Cola Happiness truck will visit next but I know it’s coming back for Christmas in Lebanon 🙂