A couple of weeks ago, I received three bags of coffee called “Western Cup” containing organic gourmet coffee from Brazil. The bags are imported from abroad and produced for Cafe Abi Nasr. The brewers are made from environmentally friendly Kraft paper and the secret behind its taste is owed to combining the best from a pour over filter brew with the rich taste of a French press.

The coffee is 100% Arabica coffee and is super easy to use. There are three types, Mild, strong & medium strong.

1- Click off cap, open & shape bag
2- Add hot water to the “Strong” or “Mild” level and close zipper.
3- Leave it to brew for 5-7 minutes.
4- Serve 2 X 150 ml cups and enjoy!

I’m not a coffee expert but I had my wive and a couple of friends try it and they loved it. The best part is that it’s relatively cheap (2$ the bag) and can be easily used at work to replace the cheap and sugar-filled sachets.

I couldn’t find further info on it on Cafe Abi Nasr’s website and I have no idea where they’re selling them. I found some at Hibou in Achrafieh but that was it. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty cool concept.