Ajialouna is a charitable, social, educational and cultural organization in Beirut. It’s been around for 20 years and the work they’ve been pulling throughout the years is quite remarkable to say the least. I went to visit them a couple of years and was amazed by the amount of services they provide and their level of organization. Just to give you an idea, they offer on a daily basis free clothes and food supplies to hundreds of families, they have over 800 sponsors helping out families, they have a women empowerment program and a whole floor dedicated to healthcare.

During this Ramadan, Ajialouna reached out to over 5000 needy and poor individuals and invited them to the largest Iftar table ever made, measuring over 2100 meters. They entered the Guinness World book of records by doing so and sent out a message of peace and love to the whole word.

A beautiful initiative that reflects the true spirit of Ramadan.