After I posted about the Speed Dating event, and heard that they serve Pork Ribs at their 30$ Open Wine BBQ, I decided to give The Mansion a try on a Saturday night.

Before calling to book, I checked out their Facebook page for pictures and I honestly couldn’t figure out how the places looks like or how big it is. It didn’t make a big difference to me as I had heard it’s a cool place but I think they should add some clear pictures on The Mansion’s Facebook page.


The Mansion is located in the middle of Gemmayze on Mar Antonios Street. It’s an old renovated house situated in an isolated area from the vibrant Gouraud street. Once you go in, there’s a large room with a bar on the left, high tables and chairs, cool chandeliers dangling from the roof and Botero paintings on the wall. There are other rooms more suited for relaxing and dining but you will be missing out on a lot of fun.

Fat Monalisa

Even though we got there early, the place was already half full but tables were comfortably distanced from each other and from the bar. Once we sat down, we were offered Champagne glasses for some reason. I thought it was a welcome drink or something but it turned out to be “Champagne Saturday” where everyone gets Champagne every time the bell rings.


We ordered drinks and Nachos first, then The Mansion burger, a Mozzarella sandwich and a Breast N Cheese platter as main dishes. Everything tasted great and the service was impeccable. I don’t want to be exaggerating here but the girl (Rachel) in charge of our table was just great and made the whole experience even better. She’d check on us every 5-10 minutes to make sure our drinks are as requested or if we needed a refill, whether our food is delivered on time, or if we needed anything at all. I will suggest to the Mansion people that they name her employee of the month and add a funny painting of her similar to the ones they have displayed.


Moving on to the music, the DJ created a nice ambiance, far from trance and cheap commercial songs, and included some awesome songs from the 90s like Scatman or Cotton Eyed Joe. There weren’t a lot of people dancing when we left (Around 12:30) but the place was packed and everybody seemed to be having a good time. More importantly, no one was smoking inside.

Price-wise, the bill was reasonable and we ended up paying around 40$ per person.


To sum it up, I had a great time at The Mansion and I will be visiting back soon to try the Pork Ribs.