“The Messiah” is not offensive as claimed by Angie, not when it is presented as what he really is. I am all for freedom of speech, but some parties in Lebanon think they are above all laws and as a result their “TVs” think they can broadcast whatever they want.

if you don’t like the idea of a show or disagree with the content…. change the channel.

I might be supportive of that thought but i beg to disagree once again Angie because this quote might work in the United States or Europe but not in Lebanon.

However, the point i wish to highlight is not the broadcasting of the movie itself, but the stations that were behind it, which are Manar (Hezbollah) TV and NBN (Nabih Berri News) TV.

If my memory doesn’t deceive me, Hezbollah & Amal supporters almost started a civil war because a satiric show on LBC (Bass Met Watan) mocked their leader Hassan Nasrallah. Hence the hypocrisy.

Now unless it is God’s will to show this movie, which i strongly doubt, i would recommend that the TVs related to those parties be more attentive in displaying such a demeaning movie to Christianity like the one they did. I also urge the ISF to pay more attention to such shows and ban them in the first place.

Lebanon is yet to become a secular country unfortunatelly, and until then, we can’t ask people to change channels in the name of freedom of speech, because such provocations can ignite a civil war in no time.