Picture taken from NowLebanon

Update: Here’s a link to the price list [Here]. Thank you Yasmine!

It would be interesting to see if this technology will pick up in Lebanon. I am not sure how much it costs and there’s no mention of the prices on the Bakery’s [website], so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Last month, Mar Mikhael became home to the Middle East’s first 3D printing shop – a walk in ‘fab lab’ allowing customers to print their digital designs as solid 3D objects.

The store’s founder and principal, Guillaume Credoz, explained the technology to NOW using the example of a Beirut taxi driver’s decades-old Mercedes.

“Say a part in this car has blown, but spares are not made any more – not in Lebanon, not anywhere else in the world. The only other that exists is in the car of a collector in the States. We could have this part scanned to create a digital file, receive the file in an email, and print a perfect copy in a durable material. The process could be complete in a day or two, and the customer can drive away.”