Over the past 25 years, only 54 patients have been diagnosed worldwide with Plazmacytoid Dendretic Cells Leukemia. Peter Dagher is one of them unfortunately. He is in need of money to perform a bone marrow transplant but more importantly needs to find a match.

For this purpose, the Peter Dagher Foundation was set up not just to raise awareness and collect money but also and this is really important to create an extensive and accurate bone marrow registry for any person of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean ethnicity with the help of BE THE MATCH (National Bank for the bone marrow) and the American University of Beirut.

Let’s hope and pray that Peter wins his battle against cancer.

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Meet Peter Dagher
Peter is 21 years old with a bright future ahead of him, filled with opportunities to help change the world for the better, If he can win his battle with Plazmacytoid Dendretic Cells Leukemia.

The Battle of a Lifetime
After five months of medical tests, Peter has been diagnosed at the American University Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon with a very rare type of leukemia called Plazmacytoid Dendretic Cells Leukemia.

The Quest For a Cure
Peter is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant that will likely occur in France or the United States. The cost the surgery could run over $400,000 and is far too difficult to afford for most families. If the surgery is not performed due to lack of financial resources, inaction could lead to a deadly outcome for Peter and other leukemia patients.