Uncut Film Festival1

The AUB Cineclub and the Museum Of Censorship Club – AUB are proudly organized The Uncut Film Festival at AUB next week.

Five movies will be screened from Monday till Friday at 6:30pm in the Charles Hostler Auditorium (Sea Side). Everyone is welcome to attend and entrance is free of charge.

Here is the list of the movies and their dates:

Monday 17, February: Syriana by Stephan Gaghan – 2005
Tuesday 18, February: Life of Brian by Terry Jones -1979
Wednesday 19, February: One Man Village (Semaan Bi Day’ia) by Simon El Haber – 2008
Thursday 20, February: Chou Sar? (What Happened?) by De Gaulle Eid – 2009
Friday 21, February: L’inconnu du Lac (Stranger by the Lake) by Alain Guiraudie – 2013

I am personally against any kind of censorship and am fully supportive of this event. I will do my best to make it to at least one of the screenings and meet the people behind this. I love that they picked “Life of Brian”, a movie that probably would have never been approved in Lebanon these days.