Remember when Samsung launched the Galaxy, dubbed a phablet, years ago? And how everyone, mostly Apple fans, started mocking it before smartphones eventually started getting bigger and bigger? Well just when we thought phones couldn’t get any bigger or expensive, Samsung & Huawei are releasing foldable smartphones that offer up to 8-inch display!

The Galaxy Fold uses an “innie design”. You open up the phone to access its large 7.3-inch tablet display. And when it’s closed, it’s hidden inside the chassis, and you interact with a separate 4.6-inch phone screen.

As for the Huawei Mate X, there’s one single display panel. When closed together, you’re using a large 6.6-inch screen with the other half hidden behind it. When you open it, the panel stretches to a huge 8-inch canvas.

I’ve seen few hands-on videos on these two devices and they look sensational, but the question is: Are they worth buying? Especially when Samsung Fold is priced at $1,980 while the Huawei Mate X at a staggering $2,600!

Personally speaking, I don’t see myself yet spending that much money on a smartphone. I’d invest up to $900 to buy a flagship smartphone because I use it heavily and love a good camera, but I’d rather buy a new laptop than invest in a $2000 smartphone with foldable screens. Also, I don’t use tablets much so if these are meant to replace iPads or popular tablets, I don’t have any use for them. Nevertheless, it’s hard to judge these devices before giving them a try so let’s wait and see 🙂

Another smartphone that caught my attention recently is the Nokia 9 PureView, which has a whopping five cameras with ZEISS optics on the back! The Nokia Lumia series had the best cameras out there when they first came out but their biggest problem was the OS which sucked. Fortunately, they switched to Android in recent years and it’s great to see them investing in awesome cameras again!