Storyline: A Russian woman runs away her boring Parisian life and lands in Beirut, a city of chaos and violence, to work as a cabaret dancer.

Too Much Love Will Kill You is the latest movie by Lebanese-French director Christophe Karabache. This is Karabache’s first long film and it’s not going so well for him as his movie was banned by the General Security, based on his interview with Skies Media website.

The General Security however “denied on Saturday claims of banning the movie Too Much Love Will Kill You from Lebanese theaters, stating that such allegations by Lebanese-French director Christophe Karabache were a cheap publicity stunt at the expense of Lebanon and its public institutions [Source]”. They also continued by stating that “no company has applied for a license to show the film in Lebanese cinemas”.

I have to admit the trailer and the storyline aren’t that appealing but that doesn’t entitle the General Security to ban his movie, if it turns out that they really did.