In Day2 of my trip to Kobayat (See Day1), I drove around checking out few sites in the town, and visited the famous Mar Geryes monastery. Kobayat is 600 meters above the sea level and its nature is quite amazing as there are lots of forests and green fields. It reminded me a little bit of Jezzine.

As far as the roads and houses are concerned, there are some beautiful houses but a lot of ugly ones which I think the municipality should work on enhancing to make the town look nicer. The roads are in good shape even in distant parts of the town, except between few houses where you can barely fit your car ( like most old Lebanese towns & villages).

Last but not least, we went to visit some friends before going to the Mar Geryes monastery. They had prepared us a dozen of Kebbe Chmeliyye to eat even though it was only 10 am. We went afterwards to visit the Mar Geryes monastery and it was truly a beautiful place. After the visit was done, we ate Kebbe Chmeliyye and drank Laban with it. I usually hate Kebbe but it was nothing like the one we have in Beirut, as it was bigger and filled differently and tastier.

In all, it was an enjoyable and sort of adventurous weekend given how far the place is. The food was great, the town was beautiful but I don’t advise you to go there by yourself, as it’s very easy to get lost on the way and you will not enjoy it as much as you should.

Here are few pictures of the monastery

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