Should healthy people wear masks to prevent Coronavirus? Should everyone wear masks? Is a Homemade Mask effective? Which material should we use? Are cloth face coverings recommended? How about cheap paper masks? Bandanas?

The truth is no one has an answer yet and it doesn’t look like we will get a clear answer any time soon. What we know is that people are being encouraged to cover their faces when going out in public, whether it’s with a bandana, a cut T-shirt, a scarf or whatever they can get their hands on. The primary aim of this measure is to protect others rather than protect yourself, yet it’s very important to know how to handle home-made masks (AND WASH THEM AFTERWARDS). [Watch WHO Video]

This being said, it appears that the era of the homemade masks and face coverings is upon us, and given that N95 respirators and surgical masks should go to health care workers, here are two easy ways to make your own masks without any sewing involved.

First Method:

Second Method:

If you don’t feel like watching videos, check out Colin Hank’s posts as well on how to turn your kerchief into a face mask.