During the past few years, living in the shadow of the conflict in Syria, it’s easy for many to assume the UN just works with refugees in Lebanon. This though, is far from the case. The UN and its different bodies and agencies work in almost every sector and every part of Lebanon. You can see some of the projects they’ve been working on in the video they posted below:

UN Listens is an awesome initiative the United Nations just kicked off, where they invite anyone to write a letter to the UN outlining a problem, and suggesting a solution to it that would help their communities.

Basically, just go to the UN Listens website, and fill out the form. Under “my community would be better”, write your idea. Under it, you can detail your aforementioned suggestion.

After doing that, share your letter via the UN Listens website with hashtag #UNListens. At the end of the campaign, the authors of the 10 best letters and suggestions will get a chance to sit down with UN officials and study if an how the UN can help your communities across Lebanon.

I have a couple of ideas in mind. I will definitely be sharing them soon!