Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the Easter Celebrations and is marked by fasting both from food and festivities. As far as food is concerned, people tend to fast from meat and dairy products while others try to cut down on things they tend to consume a lot, like chocolate or coffee for example.

Put aside the religious part and the different types of fasting, almost everyone looks forward to the lent season for the food as the dishes and lent-friendly items are numerous and delicious. This year even Zaatar Wou Zeit is going lent-friendly and they’ve released a bunch of items including sandwiches, salads and Zaatar cheese balls.

I thought I order them all on Sunday and give them a try, here’s my take:

Cheese balls (10 breaded pieces with a sprinkle of Zaatar): They’re good but I’d rather get the breaded Halloumi Sticks or the Wedges with the Spizy sauce.

Hearty Kale (Kale, green thyme & purslane, topped with slices of cucumber, black olives, radish, and feta cubes. Served with our special kale dressing): I’m not a radish fan but I loved the dressing and mix. Anything with green thyme is good 😀

Super Green salad (A fresh green mix of parsley, mint & purslane, topped with slices of cherry tomato, grilled eggplant & grilled walnuts. Served with our special tahini dressing): This is a vegan item and a great salad to have. The Tahini dressing is top!

Hummus & Avocado (Our special hummus spread, spiced tomato paste, with avocado, tomato, grilled eggplant, grilled red bell pepper, basil, olive oil, & a sprinkle of sesame seeds, wrapped in our vegan oat dough): I never thought I’d ever see Hummus and Avocado in a sandwich and I have mixed feelings about that sandwich. It tastes OK but the Avocado taste gets lost with all these ingredients.

Amazing Tuna ( Our special tuna mixed with light mayo & light aioli sauce, with tapenade, shredded lettuce, radish, & slices of tomato. Served in multigrain dough): The only way I’m having a Tuna sandwich is with corn and without that mayo/aioli sauce. A Mustard or honey mustard sauce is way better, at least for me 😀

All in all, I loved the salads and the Avocado Hummus sandwich is something I recommend you try. I think ZWZ should work on something pumpkin-based for next year as it’s quite a popular ingredient during lent.