Lebanon has moved in recent weeks to COVID alert level 4, which means we’re in an uncontrolled epidemic with limited additional health system capacity available. The test positivity rate is still very high and hospitals are overwhelmed but we can only hope the coming weeks will ease things for Lebanon’s medical staff and the people.

On a more positive note, the vaccination rollout program was announced this week with the World Bank allocating $34 million to secure vaccines for more than two million people. The vaccine will go first to high-risk health care workers, then people aged 75 and above, 65 and above, those aged 55-64 with underlying conditions etc.

The training sessions for the vaccination rollout plan are already underway at the Rafic Hariri University Hospital and we’re hoping to receive the first batch by early Feb.

Till then, our prime goal for the coming two weeks is for the cases and hospitalizations to drop drastically.