Picture from Al-Jazeera

Update: I couldn’t find any link showing the names of other victims until now. I will keep you posted whenever I find one.

I am trying to compile the list of victims from the bombing that shook Achrafieh today and targeted Wissam Al-Hassan. So far 8 were confirmed dead and more than 118 injured.

Here are the names I was able to get from various media sources. I will update it as soon as I have more info.

Georgette Sarkissian
Wissam el Hassan and his bodyguard Ahmad Sahyouni

Injured: (LBC)
Mary Sayegh, Grace Sayegh, Hanna Sayegh, 9-yer-old Noar Dorlian, Loutfi Elias Rafouj, Michel Ashkar, Jimmy Tong, Marie Breidy, Melhem Rizk, Nassim Khoury, Layla Abboud, Dana Nawfal Nasrallah, Tatiana Naji Aoude, Laure Khoury, Naji Gergy Shhadeh and Dina Sfeir.

10-year-old Jennifer Chdid, her father Richard Chdid and her brother Joseph Chdid, as well as Zeina Chouaib Harkous, Awni Tamer, Thuraya Mohammad Haydarm Josephine Nehme, Elie Zein, Bassem Al Souhaydi, Mohammad Hassan, Yasser Lahlah, Youssef Achour, Elias Faddoul, Pamela Tahan, Michel Sader, Susane Fahed, Latifa Farek, Farid Mahdoum Haydar and 2 Syrian nationals Khaled Kaabour and Mohammad Khadam.