Red Bull brought 20-year old American slack liner Alex Mason to beat his own highland record by walking between the Raouche rocks 40 meters above the sea. Mason had to keep his balance with the wind, waves and boats driving by as he attempted to cross the highline.

Here’s what he said about this project:

The project in Lebanon is another perfect example of how I feel about slacklining and high-lining which have evolved me as an athlete. I saw a challenge that I didn’t know that I could accomplish and I surrounded myself with people who got me excited about pushing myself until the task is complete. So far in my career, working with Sketchy Andy and pursuing creative ways to slackline has turned out to be a strong strategy! Lebanon is beautiful, and we can’t wait to come visit again.

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Check out below these awesome pictures and video:

Photo Credits: Roy Mrad/Red Bull Content Pool