As far as going to the beach in the North, I usually chose Batroun. I was planning with a couple of friends a weekend getaway a couple of weeks ago and our choice fell on Rocca Marina mainly because of that stunning aerial shot of the resort that went viral on Instagram (see below) a while back. We also heard good reviews about the place and we weren’t disappointed at all, except for the fact that it rained on that day.

Rocca Marina’s most obvious quality is its stunning location. It looks like a floating island with tall mountains surrounding it. The water is crystal clear, all the pools offer a beautiful sea view and there’s a really cool pool right in the sea with floating red chairs. Daily entrance fee is only 20,000LL on weekdays and 25,000LL on weekends and kids under 10 pay half price. The chalets (caves) start at $200 per night and there are plenty of activities like Jet Ski and pedalo.

Food and drinks-wise, the resort has a bar and food kiosks. You can grab a beer and a burger or pizza for around $15 which is pretty reasonable, or you can get all-fancy and order that delicious Water Melon pitcher 🙄.

The chalet we stayed in was clean and spacious, the bathroom and bed were clean. We were a group of four people and it could easily fit us. There are bigger chalets capable of accommodating families as well; all have easy access to the pools and come with a sea view.

The resort is family-friendly with a dedicated kids area and music is never too loud. It’s a mix of everything and they’re always throwing themed parties and featured singers and artists. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets, good music, tasty drinks, and pool party vibes keep going all through the night.

All in all, Rocca Marina is a have-it-all beach resort with very affordable entrance fees and prices. It’s exactly what the area there needs (not another lavish luxury resort) and it’s suitable for all crowds.

You can check out more info [here].