Israel launched at least two air strikes today on the coastal town of Ghaziyeh, situated on the southern outskirts of Saida. Israeli media claimed two weapon depots belonging to Hezbollah were hit, but the claim was quickly refuted by Lebanese media. In fact, the area hit appears to be an industrial one and the owner of the one of the locations hit, stated he has no Hezb links and only had power generators in his factory. He even asked for the authorities to come and inspect the crime scene.

It’s not uncommon for Israel to bomb civilian targets or just bomb recklessly in Lebanon and in Palestine, but the Lebanese authorities never bother to investigate properly & share information with the public. In other words, one can only speculate on what was hit without ever being 100% sure. The only sure thing so far is that the unwritten rules of engagement are being violated, tensions are rising and the escalation between Hezbollah & Israel is becoming more and more plausible.

You can see from the videos below how massive the explosions were following the airstrikes: