Paris Terror Attack

Facebook enabled yesterday the “safety check” following the Paris terrors attacks whereas people in the affected area can mark themselves as safe which will send an alert to their friends and followers. The Paris attacks are quite shocking and the death toll is still on the rise unfortunately. All of my friends there are safe but they still can’t believe what’s happening.

Speaking of alerts and attacks, I think it would be quite useful if we have this feature for Beirut and for the Arab World as well. We’ve had over 20 bombings and attacks since 2014 and at least 10 of them were against civilians unfortunately. That way, and since the Facebook penetration in Lebanon is extremely high and lines are usually down after bombings, those who are in the affected area can let their friends and family know that they are safe.

Someone once came up with an app in Lebanon to notify others that you are still alive but Facebook Safety Alert is much more efficient.