I’m honestly having mixed feelings on how to tackle this piece of news. If we look at it from a technology perspective, adding a QR code is a pretty useless feature to have nowadays for sharing locations, given that you can do that on Whatsapp and a zillion other platforms very easily. Also and in order to use that QR code, you need to share the picture first via some app (Whatsapp :P), install a QR reader app and then scan it to be able to get the address, which doesn’t make any sense.

Nevertheless, and given that we live in a country where politicians are doing everything they can to stop digitizing departments and governmental institutions, there’s this guy who’s convinced that we need to integrate technology in our day-to-day life to make things easier for people. Whether it’s a PR stunt or not, someone actually thought of adding that small QR code to the new street signs, which is innovative in a way.

I doubt anyone will ever use this QR code but thumbs up to whoever thought of integrating technology, any sort of technology, in an attempt to make people’s lives easier, regardless whether it does or not.