Someone felt the need to come up with a mobile app for the 2019 Beirut Summit and I regret downloading it already. The part that interests me the most, which are live updates or alerts on what’s happening are not there and the schedules are copied as plain text. The news section takes forever to load and the worst part is that you need to enter your mobile number to have access to the app.

Why is that? Because there’s an embedded chat app inside it that looks exactly like Whatsapp where you can connect with others at the summit, because that’s what we need these days, another messaging app! They have an instant translator option which is nice but the app itself doesn’t offer language settings and is not even in Arabic. From the looks of it, they got a pre-installed app and added the “Arab Summit” shortcut to it.

The app cannot be found in the App Store for some reason as well. All I can say is that it’s pretty much a suitable mobile app for the summit 😂!