Abboud: Tourism Police too few to enforce smoking ban

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How come he only thought of mentioning that now? And if he did earlier, why didn’t he say anything about it to the government?

The implementation of the smoking-ban law will start on September 3rd.

BEIRUT: Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud warned Tuesday that the ranks of the Tourism Police are severely understaffed, and he may not have enough officers to enforce the new smoking ban that goes into effect next week.

At a news conference at the ministry, Abboud said he currently had a staff of around 70 tourism police officers, but only 10 of them could be devoted to enforcing the smoking ban. That is a far cry from the 256 Tourism Police units the law says the ministry needs to effectively enforce the ban. [Link]

Thank you Gianni!

11 thoughts on “Abboud: Tourism Police too few to enforce smoking ban

  1. player

    All the police in Lebanon are terrible, not just the tourist police!
    But this ministry has to be the worst most corrupt ministry ever!
    Why last week I got a visit from the police, saying that 5 people had died from food poisoning after eating at my restaurant. Now the reason was rotten eggs and hazardous chemicals in the meat but that’s not the point! The point is I had to bribe them over $300 to go away! So what you say? Well the last ministry only charged $50! This is outrageous!

    1. Rana

      You payed 300 dollars to bribe the police while 5 people had died from your food !? Are u kidding me ? You don’t feel guilty? do you have a conscience ?

      1. Rob

        … and they say its the government’s and the police’s fault and NOT the people, they blame the government for the corruption, here’s an example guys!! the ones who DON’T abide the law are corrupted and NOT the policemen who don’t fine them pfff

        1. Desmond Bey

          No, if the police accept the bribe then they are just as corrupt. If they put a couple of people in jail despite the tempting offer of dinero then you would see less offers of bribes.
          Try and bribe a policeman in Europe or the US and tell me if your feet touch the ground before you land in jail…don’t be so naive.


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