17 thoughts on “Accident on Antelias bridge during rush hour traffic

  1. Najib

    Damn! How the hell did he end up like that?
    Must have been hit by another car oe lost control of the car on the turn leading to the end of the bridge.

  2. Ronman

    Speed alone does not crash a car, Speed + Distraction+Dumbness+ignorance= regrettable, avoidable crash…

    crash analysis aside, i wonder how long before they fix the railings. he will be charged to pay for it, but it will never get fixed, and next time someone is unfortunate at the same spot, they will fly down and kill someone, maybe then, they will patch it up, but no guarantee unless it kills a minister’s loved one….

  3. Ronman

    Yeah but not the cause… walking is a factor when you slip on a banana skin, but not the cause of the fall…

  4. Gianni

    Speed and someone must’ve clipped it from behind. Charge the guy who was following him/her too closely. 😀

  5. Ronman

    yeah, Gianni, tailgating and boxing in are serious problems on Lebanese roads…

    but it just infuriates me when people just mention Speed… yeah Speed kills if you loose control, but it’s not the reason why you loose control… Germans scream down the Autobahn at close to the speed of light and you rarely see accidents there… why? because they are trained, educated in how to handle the car, their cars and roads are kept in shape to handle the speed, but i think the most important aspect is their training, and in Lebanon we have none…and possibly this is why this guy crashed into the rails, maybe he/she was texting on his BB?

    catching a lot of idiots doing that lately…

  6. Patrick

    There’s really no hope for drivers in Lebanon.

    Plus, Ronman. Why are you defending speeding? Speed plays a huge factor in car accidents. Take speed out of most situations and the majority of car crashes would not have happened.

  7. Ronman

    By the way Patrick just to make it plain clear, i dont support speed as in go 80 in a 30 zone. I’m with maintaining the set limits.

    But your stats are wrong if you seriously investigate crashes, in Lebanon and around the world, Speed is a factor of the severity of the crash, but it is seldom the cause unless it’s done as mentioned above.

    but to single out speed is inaccurate and counter-productive.

    According to recent statistics in places where such scientific things exist, the major cause of accidents is Human error, and the majority of that is distracted driving, and Texting is the latest culprit…

    Does everybody seriously think that if all cars in Lebanon were limited to 30-40 05 50kph, no one would crash?

  8. Patrick

    I’m not saying all accidents are caused by speeding, but the most severe and deadly kind of car crashes are. If that guy was driving at a reasonable speed, his car wouldn’t have gone through the railing like that.

    I’ve been on that road where the Antelias bridge is, people don’t drive under the speed limit and are constantly driving recklessly.

  9. Ronman

    I agree Patrick, but can you actually tell from a photo how fast he was going? cause even a 50 limit is very fast for us human designed to travel at no more than a few km/h

    but you’re right reckless driving mixed with speed is a recipe for disaster, and my point is that the guy/girl behind the wheel is almost always at fault…

  10. Patrick

    You’re telling me that it’s possible to swerve your car (sideways) + hit a railing + bend the railing + go over the cement curb, at a reasonable speed?

  11. Ronman

    Joe, read your first comment, you didn’t indulge in a statement, to you the only reason was Speed.

    Patrick, define reasonable speed… the guy/girl might have panicked and jammed the gas pedal…

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