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Ivy from Ivysays : Picture from RagMag

I don’t recall the number of times I’ve been asked if I knew Ivy or whomever is behind the Ivysays blog. It could be because I highly respect and admire Ivy and always praise her posts/tweets and have probably mentioned her on this blog more than any other Lebanese blogger, but the truth is we never met, even though we talk online all the time, but I’m about to find out in the next few days!!

I won’t be the only one as there’s a big fashion event planned by VeroModa and RagMag to reveal the identity of Ivy next week. That’s probably the only Fashion event I ever got excited about haha!

See you all at #TheBigReveal.

2 thoughts on “#IvysBigReveal

  1. Ivy Says

    Thank you Le Naj for your constant support and for the good laughs throughout the years!
    I’m really looking forward to meeting you (FINALLY)and can’t wait to party with everyone at the #ivysbigreveal

  2. KM

    I hope she’s hot… cause I heard from other female bloggers that she wasn’t… maybe they’re just haters…
    either ways snap us some pics plz for us to c…I’m dying with curiosity…


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