Lebanese Man Sentenced To 9 Months In Prison For Beating And Torturing His Wife

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wife Tamara Harisi and her baby daughter

He should be jailed for 9 years not just 9 months but it’s better than nothing. However, I wonder who will protect the wife once the guy is freed from prison because even if she divorces him, he might still go after her. After all, he didn’t just beat her but he even tried to set her on fire but his lighter didn’t work fortunately.

Here’s what Tamara had to say [Video].

A husband that beat his wife to within an inch of her life was fined LL20 million and given nine months in prison, Lebanese women’s rights organization Kafa announced Tuesday, the latest in a number of brutal cases involving spouse abuse.

Hussein Ftouni, 30, tortured his 22-year-old wife Tamara Harisi for hours June 7, leaving her with severe bruises all over her face and body.

The case is the first example of the courts using a new law passed in April aimed at protecting women from domestic violence, but Maya Ammar, a legal adviser for Kafa (Enough), told The Daily Star that the sentence was not enough for the crime committed. [DailyStar]

No More Free Night Traffic For Ogero DSL Users

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According to this article, free night traffic is no longer be available for Ogero DSL internet users and will be replaced by a 2Mbps unlimited plan for 75,000LL (50$).

Given that the prices were slashed by more than 80% and the quotas were multiplied by 10 times for some packages, I don’t think taking out the free night traffic will affect a lot of users specially that there’s an unlimited option now for just 50$. In fact, it might improve the internet connection between midnight and 7am as the free night traffic was killing it. What remains to be seen is how this unlimited package works and how the fair usage policy will be applied.

Moreover, a lot of areas in Lebanon still can’t get more than a 1Mbps connection, which sucks and makes the new packages useless for them.

Tripoli Cafe Open During Fasting Hours Hit By Grenade

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It is not clear whether the cafe was attacked because it was open during fasting hours, but that memo that was approved by Tripoli’s mayor has indirectly contributed to this incident. Having said that, the least Tripoli’s mayor should do is arrest those who threw that grenade the soonest and threaten those who attack cafes of punishment.

Bab al-Tabbaneh is a Sunni Muslim district in Tripoli that has frequently been involved in violence with the residents of neighboring Jabal Mohsen district, whose residents are Alawites — a Shiite Muslim splinter sect. The city as a whole has been affected by the growing presence of religious extremists, especially after the outbreak of conflict in neighboring Syria, with Bab al-Tabbaneh particularly affected.

Wednesday’s attack comes after cafes and restaurants were warned against opening during daylight fasting hours in Ramadan in text messages and on social media in recent days. One such message names establishments staying open, and says “these pigs are selling food and drink during the day and in view of everyone.” It advises people “to deal with them in an appropriate manner,” without specifying further. [Naharnet]

Live Love Lebanon: Dans Mon Pays Que J’aime Tant, Il y a Pappaz et Silicon

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Here are the lyrics:

Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
A Jal el Dib
y a plus de pont

Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
Au City Mall
y a plein de ponts

Dans mon pays
Il ya des gens
qui roulent trop vite
out trop doucement

Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
Il ya pappaz et silicon

Dans mon pays
y a de l’Embouteillage
Du Centre ville lal casino

Dans mon pays que j’aime tant
A Jal el Dib
y a plus de pont

Racing Park Mtein (RPM Lebanon): A New Karting Circuit In Lebanon

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Picture via Biser3a

I was told about this circuit a week ago and I just looked it up and found it on Facebook. Racing Park Mtein is expected to open within weeks from now and is presumably the biggest kart track in the Middle East.

Even though Mtein is a bit far, but we needed a new karting track in Lebanon and the circuit looks amazing. I can’t wait to give it a try!

Picture via Biser3a




Where Are The Public And Free Beaches In Lebanon?

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tyre-beach1 Tyr Beach – Taken from BeirutNightLife

I was in Ayia Napa a couple of weeks ago and all the beaches were accessible to everyone for free. You only had to pay in case you want a long chair, a towel or drinks. Unfortunately for us Lebanese, the majority of Lebanon’s coastline is privatized and entrance fees to the 250+ beach clubs can range from 10$ to 40$ or more.

Nevertheless, there are still public and free beaches that one can access all along the coast, mainly in Batroun, Anfeh, Amchit and Tyr areas. Glamroz posted some of them but I know for sure that there are more, so please do share the names of any free or public beaches you know of in Lebanon. Once I compile all the answers, I will group them into one final list with their location and pictures if available.

Here’s the list I got so far:

Ta7et el Rih, Anfeh: The beach is located 65 Kilometers north of Beirut and 15 Kilometers south of Tripoli. There are no entrance fees.

El Herri, Chekka: My mum used to take us there when we were kids and the (sandy) beach was amazing and for free. There are a lot of small beach clubs, like Benny Beach St Helene Beach and Saint Antoine, with a relatively cheap entrance fee (less than 10$).


Tyr (Sour) and Naqoura Beaches: Most of the beaches in Tyr and Naqoura are for free. Al Fanar beach in Tyr is free for sure but that’s the only one I know of. The Tyr bay is one of the cleanest and most beautiful in Lebanon.


Batroun and Amchit beaches: There’s of course Pierre and Friends which is one of the most popular free beaches in Lebanon and a great place to relax and have a drink. There’s also White Beach which has a small entrance fee and a lot of other beaches along the coast.


Nakheel or Rabbit Island in Tripoli: This is an island located at some 11 km off the coast of Tripoli. You have to plan a trip there as there are no shops or restaurants and you need to take a boat to get there. You will find plenty of them once you get to the Tripoli port.

There are also free beaches in Ramlet el Baida in Beirut, Ouzai and along the Sidon coast but some of them are not very clean. You can also find few free and public beaches on the Jounieh bay but I don’t have their names or they simply don’t have a name. I will be waiting for everyone’s feedback to make a final list.

Where To Find Used Books In Beirut?

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sa2eh-library-nath-h Al Sa2eh Library in Tripoli

If you are looking for places in Beirut that sell used books, here’s the list that AgendaCulturel came up with:

1- Bargain Box (Next to Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon in Hamra). All proceeds from the Bargain Box go the Social Services Department at AUBMC, who donate that money to needy patients.
2- Uncle Joe’s on Hamra street.
3- Monot Street Book Market. The market is organized on the first Saturday of every month on Monot Street.
4- Jeane D’Arc Book Bazar which is located on Sidani Street.
5- Souk al-Ahad, which is the Sunday Market in Corniche el Nahr where you can find almost everything including books.

In addition to these markets and shops, there are three public libraries in Geitawi in the Jesuite Garden, another next to Theatre Monot in Achrafieh and a third one in Bachoura. You can read more about Beirut libraries [Here].

Check out the full article on AgendaCulturel [Here].

Middle Eastern Artist Saint Hoax Uses Disney Princesses In Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign

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ariel princest diaries

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist, presumably from Lebanon. He/She came up recently with a series of disturbing posters called “Princest Diairies” to highlight the fact that many sexual abuse victims are abused by their own family members. For that purpose, she used Disney princesses like Jasmine and Ariel because she felt that it’s a visual language that her targeted audience would be attracted to.

The campaign has gone viral online and was featured on [Time], [HuffingtonPost], [NYDailyNews] and others.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to integrate the Disney characters. You can check out other ads and campaigns by Saint Hoax on [Facebook] and [Here].

Saint Hoax is a pseudonymous Middle Eastern artist. Infatuated by the element of POP, Hoax works with both tangible and digital mediums to recreate a world based on visual lies. Combining pop art with tyrants and world leaders became Saint Hoax’s signature.
POPlitical Infatuation : Preface
History is defined as the study of past events. I heard about the victorious defeats, the malicious affairs and the all night long wars.
I read about the dictators, fantasized about the monarchs and lived below the tyrants. I opened my assigned history book
and I realized that page 1 is a carbon copy of page 10. While page 10 is a mere reflection of page 20. An arti-vicious cycle of no trial, just error. And the only way to remain entertained is by rewriting history through visual lies. One hoax after the other.

Thanks Natasha!