Bringing Life Back To The Baabda Forest

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The Green Party Of Lebanon is organizing on Sunday the 18th of May a guided hiking tour with fire fighting demonstration in order to raise money for the reforestation after the huge fire last week. You can check out more about the event [here].

I am glad the Green Party has decided to organize this event but I wish they’d take some pro-active measures and start initiatives to safeguard whatever is left of our forests in Lebanon.

Help Simon Fight Leukemia

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I wish Simon a full recovery and hope this post will get the attention of some generous donors who will cover the cost of the bone marrow transplant. You can help by contributing [Here].

Simon Badaoui is 23 years old and needs your help to defeat leukemia.

Simon dedicated his life to helping people since his early age. He volunteered with the Lebanese Red Cross and helped saving lives since he was seventen.

When he was 19 years old, life decided to challenge him to save his own life! Four years ago, his fight with leukemia started. The same ambulance car that he used to take to save others arrived one day that year, but this time to transport him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Simon had to drop his university studies. He fought leukemia bravely during the past four years. But leukemia is not easy to fight. Today, his situation is critical. He needs a bone marrow transplant. His brother is the perfect match. All he needs now is the money for the hospital bills.

Time is ticking. Simon and his family are fighting teeth and nails. If you feel you can join the fight and help, please do!

P.S.: Simon is getting his treatment at AUH-Beirut (American University Hospital.) His file number is 1244582.

A Sneak Peek Of The Roof’s New Menu At The Four Seasons Beirut

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Summer is almost here and The Roof is opening “officially” very soon at the Four Seasons Beirut with a new menu and a couple of cool features added to the venue. I got an invite to try out the new menu last Friday and the weather was just perfect for an evening at The Roof.


For those of you who are not familiar with the Roof, it’s the highest rooftop in Beirut overlooking the Zaitunay Bay, Beirut’s new Water Front and the St. Georges club. It’s a great spot to go after a long working day or in the weekend to relax, enjoy cocktails and Asian tapas.

The venue didn’t change much from last year, except for the new mirror ball installed in the pool, the newly enhanced and much cooler wall projections and the DJ booth which was relocated to overlook the venue.


The menu on the other hand was completely revamped and included quite a view interesting and tasty new items. The App’ N teasers includes Edamame Beans, Spicy Crispy Calamari, Salmon & Tuna Sashimi, a Thai Shrimp Salad and a crispy chicken with green papaya salad. I went for the Salmon Sashimi because I like them and tried the Thai Shrimp Salad which was quite good. In the Wrap N’ Roll section, I went for the good old Shrimp dumblings mainly because the other items had spices or onions in them, which I don’t like.


Moving on to the best part of my dinner, I ordered a new item called Okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese pizza made with seafood and shaved bonito flakes. I absolutely loved this pizza as it was rich in flavor and very light. By the way, if you see the flakes moving in your plate, don’t freak out as it’s the steam that makes them move. They are known in Japan as the dancing fish flakes. Other items in the No Main, No Gain! section include a Chicken or Beef Satay, Sea Bass, Chicken with cashew nuts and a Beef Bulgogi dish which includes sweet soy, Korean kimchi and steamed rice.


Last but not least, we were advised to try the US Prime Beef Filet and the Tiger Jumbo Prawns in the Tep’ N Yaki section. The Jumbo Prawns were ok but I didn’t like the fact that we had to eat them out of a wooden stick. I’d rather have them in a proper plate. As for the beef filet, it was perfectly cooked and quite amazing. The dressing we had with both these dishes was also quite good and included mustard and honey among other things.



All in all, I love the Roof and it was yet another delightful evening on the Four Seasons’ 25th floor. The new menu items are light, fresh and suitable for such a seating and I am going back soon to have that Japanese Pizza and the Beef Bulgogi.


Ferrari Dealership Moving To Dbayeh

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Scuderia Lebanon is moving from Saifi village to a new ultra-modern facility in Dbayeh right next to the center where Shtrumpf and Chopsticks are located. They’ve already announced the news during the release of the Ferrari 458 Speciale, but they only put the Ferrari logo around the new location few days ago.

In case you’ve missed it, check out my Ferrari 458 Speciale experience.

Raouche in Beirut: Past vs. Present

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I spotted this old picture of Raouche in the 1960s on OldBeirut and dug out some recent pictures of Raouche. If you look down on the right, there’s a huge space that hasn’t changed much in years, known as Dalieh which has natural caves and has been used by fishermen for years. However it looks like there are plans to turn this area into a private luxury marine as reported by Habib.

I think it would be shameful to turn Dalieh, one of Beirut’s last public shores, into yet another fancy project that barely few Lebanese have access to. A group of activists have started an online civil campaign that you can check out [Here].

raouche2 via Flickr


Rare Footage of Beirut In The 1920s

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I enjoy watching old footages of Beirut and these two videos are the longest footages I’ve seen of Beirut in a while. I tracked down the source to this [website] which has old footage from the INA Channel and it seems someone actually bought them and uploaded them.

tramway I had no clue there was a tramway that passed right in front of AUB.

Check out [Part1] and [Part2].