And The Winner Of The 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Is …

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This has been the craziest and most exciting giveaway I’ve done till today on the blog and I am glad that so many of you participated. I spent the whole night yesterday going through the 350+ comments to validate them and Sony Lebanon performed the draw today at their premises in order to make the draw a credible one. The only people I excluded from the list were my brothers as it would be unfair for them to win it specially that I already got one. They are gonna hate me for that but it’s better for everyone that way.

So who’s the winner of this limited-edition PS4?

It’s Patrick Karam!

I will pass your email to Sony World Lebanon who will contact you and let you know on how to claim your prize. Thank you all for participating and I hope you win next time!

Updated: Weird Title From Yasa

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Update: Yasa updated the title and added “Very Dangerous And Illegal Driver”. Thank you Yasa and Captain Moutran for the follow up.

I love Yasa and the work they are doing but one of their recent posts on Facebook caught my attention. They shared a video of some idiotic motorist who’s showing off on the highway and wrote a title that says ” بالفيديو لبناني مجنون يذهل الناس احكم بنفسك”. If I didn’t know what Yasa stood for, I would think they were complimenting this guy, specially when they mentioned that he had a “casque” on his head.

I think what’s even more surprising is how no one arrested this guy as he was showing off on a crowded highway (Dora) during the holidays where policemen should be all everywhere to help with traffic congestion.

Check the video [Here].


Should Lebanese Muslims Celebrate Christmas?

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Every year, I hear about a pamphlet or a message inciting Lebanese Muslims not to celebrate Christmas and calling it a holiday for the “Kuffar”. I never knew who’s behind these campaigns but they definitely do not reflect the values and traditions of our Lebanese society. Muslims and Christians in Lebanon are used to celebrate their holidays together, whether it’s Christmas, Ramadan, Adha or Easter. I personally love attending Iftars during Ramadan and wish everyone around me a Merry Christmas, whether they are Muslims, Druze or even atheists.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with Muslims refusing to celebrate Christmas, but what’s unacceptable is using the “Kuffar” pejorative to describe others. If Muslims want to celebrate Christmas with their Christian friends, they should be free to do so the same way Christians should be free to have an Iftar with their Muslim friends.

All in all, Christmas is a joyous time of the year where people bring gifts to each other and have family dinners. Most Muslims I know celebrate Christmas and even put Christmas trees at their place because they love the customs and traditions. I don’t believe there’s a need to dig into religious interpretations and label people as “Kuffar” and spoil the holidays for everyone. Lebanese in general should be free to celebrate any holiday and can refrain from doing so if they are not comfortable with it.

Merry Christmas to all my Muslim and Christian friends!

Why Are We Still Playing The Christmas Macarena Song In Lebanon?

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Los Del Rio’s Macarena song is almost 20 years old, yet the Christmas Macarena remix is still played every year at every mall, shop, restaurant in Lebanon. We no longer have cassettes or even CDs, yet this 15-year old song still makes it to every Christmas playlist in the country. I know there are other songs that get played every year, but George Michael’s “Last Christmas” is a Christmas song and not a remix of some dance song like the Macarena is. In fact I don’t mind listening to “Last Christmas” for 5 or 6 times but I can’t stand the Macarena remix and it chases me everywhere I go.


Best of Sakker el Dekkene 2014

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Kabse 3al Fassed - Map

Sakker el Dekkene initiative was kicked off in May 2014 and the team behind it has been doing a great job fighting corruption in Lebanon and collecting statistics and reports. Ten days ago, Sakker el Dekkene held its first elections and Rabih El Chaer, Consultant in Public Policy and Civil Society Activist, was elected President, Carole Al Sharabati, Director of the Political Science Institute at Saint Joseph University (USJ), was named Sakker el Dekkene’s Vice President, while Lily Abi Chahine, Attorney at Law, took the position of General Secretary.

Bribery or what we call “Wasta” is always wrong and we must fight it in anyway possible.


LBCI Surprises Lebanese Passengers With A WestJet “Christmas Miracle” Inspired Stunt

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I love the initiative and it’s a pretty cool Christmas stung from LBCI and 7kijelis but it’s not a new idea really as Westjet did almost the same thing last year with its real-time giving stunt. In all cases, if you ever get asked at the airport what you want for Christmas, make sure to ask for a million dollars in cash.


LiveLoveBeirut & JoueClubLiban Distributing Gifts To Poor Children This Christmas

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After I posted the above picture on my Instagram and it got shared by LiveLoveBeirut and went viral, JoueClub teamed up with the LiveLoveBeirut guys and launched the #welivelove campaign whereas every child in need that you find in the streets will get a Christmas gift from JoueClubLiban.

Well Christmas is here and the LiveLoveBeirut guys along with JoueClubLiban are distributing gifts to children in the streets. Here are a couple of pictures shared today and more to follow.