What Are We Waiting For To Free The Kidnapped Lebanese Soldiers?

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I can’t confirm the authenticity of this video but it looks real and recent. I wouldn’t be surprised if these terrorists are treating our soldiers this way specially after they beheaded two of them. I have no clue what the authorities should be doing, but what I know for sure is that they need to free these soldiers fast as time is against them.

Let’s hope we get all our soldiers safe and promptly.

Rugby Sevens Tournament In Jounieh

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I had no idea we have 8 Rugby teams in Lebanon. This is definitely encouraging even if they are playing with 7 players only. In fact, maybe it’s smarter to play with smaller teams to encourage more schools and universities to join. Rugby sevens is a variant of rugby union in which teams are made up of seven players, instead of the usual 15.

Jounieh spartans Jounieh Spartans Rugby Union

The Archive Of Diab Alkarssifi: A Homeless Lebanese Man In London With A Rare Archive Of 27,000 Photographs

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rizk Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk during a visit to Baalbeck

A London-based Polish artist has discovered a rare archive of over 27,000 photographic prints and negatives hidden for years by a Lebanese homeless man called Diab Alkarssifi who worked once as a journalist. Alkarssifi came to Ania Dabrowska and showed her his huge collection that he had hidden for years in two carrier bags. Diab worked for 16 years as a journalist before moving to the UK in 1993.

This is quite an amazing discovery and the best part is that Ania Dabrowska has decided to kick off a project called “Lebanese Archive” and crowdfund it in order to bring to light Diab Alkarssifi’s lost archive of Lebanese and Arab photographs.

Ideally speaking, the Lebanese Ministry of Culture would contact the Polish artist and the Lebanese Journalist and offer to fund this whole project and have the photos related to Lebanon displayed in a museum or exhibition center.

The story was featured in [TheGuardian].

Arriving in the UK in 1993, after emigrating from Lebanon, Diab met Ania at Arlington House, a hostel for homeless men, where Ania was running a photography workshop and Diab was temporarily living. Invited to Ania’s studio, he arrived with two carrier bags, containing thousands of photographic prints, and negatives, part of a life-long collection, including his numerous photographic assignments, everyday life in his home city of Baalbeck on the Syrian border and in Beirut, his student years in the early 1970s in Moscow and Budapest and, most extraordinarily his collection of found images from studios in Baalbeck, Beirut, Damascus and Cairo – photographs of society, family and friends, and Arab life in Lebanon, Palestine, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, that he passionately accumulated over his lifetime. These images, all that survives of a much larger collection still hidden or lost in Lebanon, gives an intimate insight into the cultural, everyday and political history of this region, from 1993 to as far back as 1889. Along with Book Works and the Arab Image Foundation, Ania and Diab want to bring this extraordinary collection to life, to preserve a view of modern Arab history, tell the stories that accompany the images, and present an otherwise lost view of this huge, diverse and fascinating region.

them Alkarssifi and Dabrowska

Haram Al Maarifa Arab Trivia Game: A Remake Of The 1980’s famous board game by Game Cooks

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Game Cooks and Naji Tueni teamed up to come up with a remake of a popular 1980’s board game: Haram Al Maarifa. The old Arab trivia game was turned into a mobile app that challenges a player’s knowledge in art, history, geography, science, literature and sports. It’s all in Arabic of course and you can play against your FB friends or random opponents.

It’s pretty much like Quiz Up but it looks nicer and is in Arabic. I think it’s a great app specially for kids and teenagers as it contains a lot of useful information in a lot of interesting topic. If you wish to challenge me, I’m already there so go ahead and download the app on [iOS] or [Android].

A Second Lebanese Soldier Might Have Been Killed by Da3esh

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Turkey’s Anatolia news agency has reported that ISIS has executed another army soldier, Abbas Medlej, after he tried to escape. This has not yet been confirmed officially but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it. The number of kidnapped or missing soldiers is still unclear and negotiations are still ongoing.

Speaking of ISIS, I was watching this unbelievable report on an Iraqi soldier who managed to escape from a massacre. Check it out below but watch out as it contains sensitive and violent images.