Sheikh Ahmad Al Aseer Reality Show (continued)

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Paparazzi have been following Sheikh Ahmad Al Aseer for quite some time now and were able to share with us those exclusive pictures of Sheikh Ahmad riding his horse Najwa, playing with his dog Zalem and eating ice cream. The man is obviously struggling in the tent he set up in the middle of the highway.

Thanks Dory!

14 thoughts on “Sheikh Ahmad Al Aseer Reality Show (continued)

  1. Ali Sleeq

    And to point out another thing:

    Isn’t he, as a Salafi, not supposed to have dogs? While it’s not forbidden in Islam, but it is considered “najeseh” and therefor as an orthodox Muslim he should not be having them no?

        1. Ali Sleeq

          I’m no religious expert but I do confirm that dogs in Islam are considered “نجاسة” and it’s not forbidden, just frowned upon.

        2. A

          only dogs, because it is considered that their breath and saliva are dirty and “nejsin” therefore you can never be “tahir” after contact with them, just like having a tattoo and sperm and urine etc…

          1. Moe80s

            man you can own a dog! in Kuwait almost 50% of kuwaitis have dogs, the only thing you have to do is wash well before you pray (usually you have to do this as well) plus you can’t allow him to walk inside the room you pray in.

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