Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir and the anti-Sunnite toy machine gun

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Video of a Sunnite Sheikh complaining about those guns

I received an email few days ago from one of our readers telling me about some Sheikh who showed up on MTV talking about a gun that has a recording that is highly offensive to Sunni Muslims. I had already heard about this story years ago, so I thought it was old news until I checked online and as it turns out, it was Sheikh Ahmad Al Asir, the highly controversial Sheikh that popped out of nowhere in Saida a year ago, who is pissed off with those guns and threatening left and right.

According to Al-Asir, the gun has a recording that says “Go Go Kill Aicha” while in reality it is simply “Go, go and take the hostages”, as confirmed by the General Security Department. Aisha is considered by many Sunnis as the favorite wife of the Prophet, but is unpopular among Shiites.

The first thought that came to my mind is why would anyone buy toy guns when real guns are available now everywhere in Lebanon? The second thought was taking Al-Asir to some network place where young Lebanese from all religions play Counter Strike or Call of Duty and let him hear what they have to say about each others without any of them giving a damn. Those who played Counter Strike at some point in their lives know what I am talking about.

Thanks Omer!

5 thoughts on “Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir and the anti-Sunnite toy machine gun

  1. Alphonse

    Damn, i could not help it.
    I kept listening to the “Message”.
    I bought a dozen more toy-guns. and listened some more.. all night long actually..

    Then i used a “time machine” to go more than a century back in time, and had Professor Albert Einstein listen to that message.
    He listened attentively, drew larger and larger puffs on his pipe, then his eyes brightened, and announced:
    Well, this is historical.
    My interpretation of this message is: E=mc2.

    and he was smoking Tobacco..

    My conclusion: This message brings out the best in people.


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