Wi2am Wahhab vs. Dima Sadek

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It looks like you don’t need two guests anymore to start a fight on Lebanese TV shows. I thought for a second he was going to slap her. If you missed the last two rounds, you check them out [Here] and [Here].

I think Lebanese TVs should consider pouring whiskey instead of water for their guests.

3 thoughts on “Wi2am Wahhab vs. Dima Sadek

  1. Gianni

    An idiot? Yes! however he is a source of great entertainment and he is better than the bullshit spewing monotonous Lebanese politicians for hires. 😀

  2. Jihad El Eid

    It has been 30 years that I am outside Lebanon and nowadays i thank god that I made the correct choice of leaving Lebanon, my children has nationalities which push them up wherever they go in addition to all the benefits it provides them (retirement, medical…). I feel disgusted when I see such dirty samples in Lebanon, people like him are sending our country backwards while all other countries are going forward…This mourtazaka doesn’t rerspect anybody (except those in the Syrian regime who are killing their own people and most probably pay him a lot of money). Lebanon that i knew disappeared and today the new Lebanon is a 3rd world country full of corruption, gypsies, no houmain rights, the whole concept of parliament memebers is wrong (the member of the parliament thinks he is a God who is allowed to operate above the law and who has rights much more than other people who has no WASTA and disregard the fact that he is an EMPLOYEE who is getting paid by the people who elected him…tfou 3ala the people who accept to live without il facilities that are available in any other coutry (electricity (full time available), clean water (full time), free medical coverage, well studied retirement plans, efficient legal system, LAW and no wasta, researh, encouraging education, computerised public sector in which u can renew your passport and get any official documents in seconds…) by the way these criterias were available in lot countries when i left lebanon 30 years ago (and they were practised from long time before that and i think we are like 100 years lagging behind advanced countries. Enjoy your corrupted politicians and please dont nag cos if you are really bothered you can easily change them.


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