Woman leaves money before running for her life

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Update: As per one of the comments, the woman is a friend of his mom and was actually leaving money for what she bought. Too bad we are no longer used to such behaviors in Lebanon that we assume the worst always. Respect and Apologies to her!

Update2: I changed the title of the post as well as we owe it to this woman. I am so glad I was wrong about her.

This is the video of the bull who escaped from the slaughterhouse and invaded MedMart on the Dora highway. The bull ended up falling inside the oil pit and sadly died.

But that’s not the end of it. Look closely at the video and you will see the woman at Minute 0:24 pausing to grab something (from the cashier’s box?) to leave money before exiting the store.


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24 thoughts on “Woman leaves money before running for her life

  1. Gino

    This isn’t the first time =P I almost ran over a raging bull near Forum last winter! As for the bull ending up dead, he was in the slaughterhouse, his fate wasn’t much better than what it would’ve been if he hadn’t escaped =P

  2. Rachelle

    This bull is for sure pure Lebanese; running away from what’s bad to end up into what’s worse, thinking he finally got his freedom but had no clue what to do next but to sink deeper.
    As for the woman, if she is really stealing in that situation, then she is an incredible opportunist and would make a successful politician here :)

  3. omar

    nooooooooooooo she is my mom’s friend she left money i think hal 2osas ma 7elwe el maze7 fiya shou stealing ma stealing 3eb ya 7elween !!!!!

    1. Najib Post author

      It was just a joke. Anyway thank you for the clarification and I updated the post accordingly.

      We r no longer used to people doing good deeds anymore in this country!

  4. Alf

    True! ma tbahdell el mara 3al fade. it is clear that she is leaving something. either the money or the thing she was buying.

    1. Najib Post author

      It wasn’t clear that she was leaving something and I was making a joke that’s all. Not like it showed who she really was.

      Anyway I updated the post given that we knew what she was doing now.

      1. Rachelle

        Post updated, thank you God!! Now l balad bi alf kheir… Najib shame on you, ma t3ida…
        Seriously Guys ma badda hal2ad, stop overreacting please. If I were her, I would never be offended by this post. Loosen up a little bit

    1. Najib Post author

      Let me say again that I did not say she stole. I said it looked like she was doing so and it was purely a humoristic post.

        1. Najib Post author

          Well yeah because it looked like she was doing so specially that she wasn’t carrying anything on her way out of the store lol.

          She could be grabbing a gum for all I know. Still I am glad she wasn’t :-)

  5. Gino

    She’s so sweet :’)

    And imagine her position: just shopping casually, when le wild raging bull barges into the supermarket! Uh-oh, gotsa pay for my whatever it is I’m buying before it’s horns puncture my lungs”

  6. Joe

    Hey I know this woman and she wouldn’t steal a dime.. if you look closely at her movement, you would see that she was indeed leaving something (money or the actual merchandise).


    1. Najib Post author

      Like I said, it was a joke nothing more or less but since you mentioned it, it’s not clear at all whether she is leaving or taking anything. I did look closely many times.

      Also a friend pointed out that she had no merchandise in her hands.

  7. Najla

    Najib, i would really love if you stop playing the smart investigator
    ps: it wasnt a joke: the title, the exact timing, the you checking it many times…so just admit, you didnt ace it this time ;)

    1. Najib

      It was a joke from the start and I changed the title so it doesn’t sound like I meant any harm to the girl. On the contrary she’s awesome if she paid and left.

      I never praised myself or said I aced it etc…

      I admit it when I do something wrong. I have nothing to hide.


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