Last picture taken from the boat via AlJadeed

A lot of Lebanese families have been risking their lives and paying thousands of dollars to get to Australia and leave Lebanon once and for all. Their argument is that they are forced to carry arms and die or seek asylum and try to start a new life outside the country.

Lebanonfiles posted the names of the Lebanese who died on that boat. Most of the families were from Qab3it village in Akkar. You can check it [Here].

It’s quite sad how everyone’s talking about Syrian Refugees in Lebanon these days while there are forgotten Lebanese fleeing the country looking for a better life. How about we try to help these families stay in Lebanon?

At least seventeen Lebanese including a number of children drowned on their way to Australia in a boat accident off the coast of Indonesia, a local official said Friday.

“I only have confirmation that 17 people have died on the boat,” Ali Hussein, mukhtar of the northern village of Qabeet, where the victims are from, told The Daily Star.

Lebanese officials in Jakarta said the boat carrying at least 80 people sunk earlier Friday, 12 hours by sea off the Indonesian coast on its way to Australia. The boat was said to be carrying migrants from different nationalities. [DailyStar]