Syr el Donnieh is often described as North Lebanon’s Forgotten Gem. It is the largest village in the Denniyeh area and is known for its stunning landscapes, hike and bike trails, woodlands and orchards.

Three of the most impressive sites to visit there are the Zahlan Grotto, which dates back to the late Jurassic period and is the largest in the region, the Sfireh Temple and the stunning lookout spot on جبل الاربعين شهيد الضنية Mount Alarbayin. The “40 martyrs” mountain was named following a 13th century battle between the Crusaders and Salaheddin el Ayyoubi based on a thread I found online.

I found some pictures of the lookout on Insta [Karmaeldana] [ThankyouLebanon] and a short video shot at the location.

The view is just breath-taking and this lookout spot is definitely not for the faint-hearted. I have no idea if someone’s operating the site or it’s just there for everyone to visit, but be careful when taking pictures up there and enjoy! 😇