Everyone knew Fares in Hamra and everyone loved him. Fares left his hometown in Syria due to the war and came to Beirut where he used to sell flowers in Hamra street. I always used to bump into Fares when I go to Hamra and he would always be smiling and happy. Fares came back to his hometown in Syria a while ago but was unfortunately killed by an airstrike (as per his brother).

Children are unfortunately paying the highest price for Syria’s war and there are hundreds if not thousands of children like Fares out there. Every day on my way to work, I bump into a young girl who’s always well dressed up and selling pens or gum or chocolate and I cannot but offer her some food or money, even though I know it won’t help much.

Rest in peace little Fares, you managed to bring joy to plenty of people despite the pain and suffering surrounding you.