“We will not wait … till we become minorities in our towns and villages”
“We will not wait … till we lose security and stability”

You’ve probably seen by now these nationalist billboards put by the LebnaniBloc asking for a protest tomorrow in Zouk Mosbeh to demand the return of Syrian refugees to their home country.

I have no idea who’s behind this new party, but I’m not really sure how such billboards and protests will help bring refugees back to their country. How are we planning to send them back? and who’s responsible for this whole refugee mess in the first place?

More importantly: How are refugees threatening your security and stability? Did we have security and stability before the Syrian crisis begun? What has changed since 2010? Why is our economy suffering? Why is corruption on the rise? Why are our roads as shitty as ever? Why don’t we have 24/7 electricity and water? Because of the Syrian refugees right?

I think we all agree that Lebanon cannot sustain having over 1 million refugees but exploiting them for political and electoral reasons will only make things worse.