I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that I hate washing my car. I also hate seeing it dirty but I can’t stand going to the gas station and waiting there for an hour to clean my car. Another thing I hate about car wash is the amount of water wasted, which is why I found Blink My Car to be a brilliant idea.

I was introduced to the concept a year ago but I’ve only tried them recently and the experience exceeded my expectations to be honest. In fact, I was a bit worried about them using some substances that could ruin my car’s paint since they only consume one cup of water!! But I did my research and the waterless products they’re using are perfectly safe and their waterless washing technique is common among car wash stations in Europe and the US.

For those interested, I found a video that explains waterless washing visually:

So how does Blink My Car work?

I found the app to be user-friendly and very simple to use. The journey from signing-up to booking your car wash took me less than two minutes which is awesome!

Step1: Download the app & Register

Download the app for [iOS] or [Android], and then sign up.

The registration is swift and you can even ask for a “magic link” to make it even quicker!

Step2: Book your car wash

Once you’re logged in, you get to choose between three car wash options:
– Exterior Only ($8)
– Full Wash ($10)
– Bike wash ($8)

If you request the Full Wash option, you can add to it:
– Tire Air fill up ($2)
– Seats cleaning ($40)
– Water for wipers ($2)
– Tissues Box ($2)
– Air Freshener ($3)

You can either book your car wash for today or tomorrow and specify which hour (between 9 and 7PM) you want the Blink My Car specialists to show up. Last but not least, specify the location, the car type & license plate number and you’re done!

You will only be charged once the car wash is complete, and you can pay either by app or cash.

There’s more!

When I was booking my second car wash last week, I noticed there are other services offered on the app, some of which could come in very handy:
1- Paperwork: That’s one awesome feature they have where you can check your mecanique fees, book an inspection appointment and even pay the mecanique. I already did both this year, but a friend of mine tried the service and loved it.

2- Tire Services: This service has a huge potential especially if the response time is quick and efficient. I just got new tires last year so I hope I won’t be using the service any time soon lol!

3- Car Advice: The app has a chat bot “Blink The Bot” where you can ask all sort of car-related questions (mechanical, insurance, maintenance appointments, selling & buying your car, traffic etc ..)

I booked a full car wash the first time I used Blink My Car so I had to give the guy my car keys obviously, but the Blink My Car staff were kind enough to meet me right under my office building so it wasn’t much of a hassle. The wash took around 45 minutes and the car was clean and shiny afterwards!

The second time I was booking, the app had memorized the location and car so it was straightforward. One thing that I think should be added to the app is a recurrent car wash option (Every Monday of the month for example), but that will be challenging logistically speaking as they might not be able to cater for their everyday orders.

All in all, this is yet another Lebanese-founded startup that we can be proud of. An eco-friendly and convenient app that will save you time and reduce water waste.