hunger AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

Two days after #YouStink organizers held a sit-in inside the Environment ministry, several Lebanese activists decided to stage an open-ended hunger strike until Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk resigns. At least 10 of them set up tents outside the ministry in DownTown Beirut and were joined later on by others.

While I applaud this brave decision, I am not sure if this is the right time to stage a hunger-strike given the circumstances. A hunger strike is a dangerous protest tactic as it can result in death or affect their health very serioulsy and in my opinion should only be used as a last resort. I ask the #YouStink organizers and the Red Cross to take good care of these young men and women.

The names of the protesters on hunger strike are:
Mohamad Harake – محمد حركة
Salah Jubaily – صلاح جبيلي
Ahmad Al Masri – أحمد المصري
Ali Hamouch – علي حموش
Hussein Mubarak – حسين مبارك
Waref Suleiman (Initiator of the strike) – وارف سليمان
Mohamad Awaly – محمد عوالي
Dany Suleiman – داني سليمان
Ahmad Majzoub – أحمد مجذوب
Zein Nasserdinne – زين ناصر الدين
Hasan Koteich – حسن قطيش
Inaya – عناية
Bilal Alawa – بلال علاو
Mohamad Mogharbel – محمد مغربل