This weekend I was visiting Lebanon and felt like renting a convertible since I read the weather was going to be great. After calling a few different rental agencies I decided to rent a car from Avis Lebanon for two reasons and those two reasons are actually why they’re going to be my favorite car rental agency from now on.

The first reason is the fact I was able to book a car with Avis using their website’s live chat. I was actually going to call them but then saw the “Live Help” button and figured would give it a shot out of curiosity. I honestly wasn’t expecting the button to work but I ended up chatting to a person called Pamela and when I asked her if it was possible to book a car with live chat to my surprise she said yes. I thought that was very cool and convenient.

The second reason I liked them is because it turns out I can get a 30% discount on their cars using my American Express credit card. That obviously makes things more affordable and instead of paying $100 for my car I ended up paying $70.

It was a cool experience and loved the live chat option but I did have one issue which I already mentioned to them and that is the fact they put a $2,000 hold on my credit card. I thought that amount was too much since with other rental agencies I’ve used, the amount is usually around $500. Maybe it’s because it was my first time renting with them but still, overall it was a good experience.