Picture from Baalbeck Festival FB Page

The festival’s headline act, American soprano Renee Fleming, is no longer coming to Baalbeck as well. The organizers are not yet decided which venue to choose to replace Baalbeck. Unfortunately, the problem is not just the setting itself but eventually getting there after the latest problems in Arssal and LabouĂ©.

Assi el Hellani, who was apparently denied visa to the US in the past few weeks, will be performing at Baalbeck along with Marcel Khalife and others. You can check out the full program [Here].

It would be interesting to know what was the reason for the visa refusal.

Lebanon’s renowned Baalbek International Festival, normally held in the town’s spectacular Roman ruins, is to move to an alternative venue in the face of a spillover of violence from neighbouring Syria, organisers said on Friday. “As as result of the security situation, we cannot organise the festival in the temple this year,” the festival’s press office said. “We are holding meetings with authorities to find another location, aware that it is very difficult to find a similarly wonderful setting.” [Link]