A study conducted by the Crisis Observatory at the American University of Beirut warned that Lebanon will not reach herd immunity before the summer of 2025 at this slow pace. In fact, Lebanon has only vaccinated 25,000 people so far, out of which only 12,000 had registered on the platform.

The study concluded that “Lebanon will not reach herd immunity before the summer of 2025” if the vaccination process continues at its current slow pace, and the problem is clear here: We need to allow the private sector to acquire vaccines to speed up the process since the ministry is not capable of neither acquiring enough vaccines, nor controlling the process. It’s only been one week and we’re hearing about irregularities and people using their connections to get their shots.

Here’s the [full link] to the study.

So far, roughly 700,000 people have registered on the COVAX platform. For those who haven’t yet, there are three ways to do so:

– The platform [COVAX]
– The hotline 1214
– The municipalities: A specific module was added to the municipal platform allowing people to register by calling their municipalities