I have no idea why anyone would do such a thing but the Wall of Kindness that was installed in Sodeco a month ago has been vandalized on three occasions now, forcing those who came up with the idea to move the wall to a new location on Abdel Aziz street.

Here’s the message posted on Lebanon’s Wall of Kindness FB page:

3 attempts at reinstalling the Sodeco Wall have been met with further vandalism, so we will be removing this location. The vandalism includes: removing hooks, dumping items behind a nearby barricade, tagging graffiti marks on the wall, emptying bags of donations onto the pavement, and more. Because we have a responsibility, both to keep the community tidy, and to ensure that donations are reaching the right people, we believe that the Sodeco wall does not fulfill our purpose. We will be concentrating our efforts on the very successful Abdel Aziz Wall and scouting new locations, to spread kindness!
To be part of the Kindness Revolution, visit the Abdel Aziz Wall. All are welcome to give and to take!

Aren’t there any security cameras around that place? Maybe the police can help identify these scumbags.