castania Always creative ads from Castania

Al Wadi, Castania and Exotica’s ad are the best for this year. If you’ve seen better ones, please do share them. Happy Father’s Day to all!

Al wadi I love this one! via Al-Wadi al Akhdar

ls Not sure who inspired the other, but Lebanese Society also shared a Baba Ghannouj-related Father’s Day ad. Good one!

dads exotic Why would we want to grow up? via Exotica

Falamanki Al Falamanki barely had time for his father as he was always surrounded by celebrities haha

Alfa Ordered my future son’s Germany jersey from now – #TeamDad all the way via Alfa

Deek duke To a father, his family is the world – via DeekDuke

Roadster Super dads – by Roadster


Kababji via Kababji

Ferrari Father Enzo – by Ferrari Lebanon