I was reading the other day about a new trend in Sweden called #Plogging, whereas people go for a jog and pick up litter at the same time, and was thinking if it would work here in Lebanon. Not only does this eco-friendly activity help the Environment but it apparently makes jogging a more effective exercise.

Since I always walk/jog around the house, I thought of giving it a try last weekend so I took a small bag and walked upwards from Jeita towards Sheile and Balloune. The Jeita streets I crossed were relatively clean but once I got to Sheile they were super dirty all the way up to the new Ain el Rihane road that gets you to Dar3oun. Garbage on both sides of the road, in the bushes, on the trees you name it, and don’t get me started with the smells! I tried the next day walking downwards towards Antoura and Zouk Mikael area and it was slightly cleaner but still way too dirty to pick up stuff on the go.

I always expected rural areas to be slightly cleaner than coastal cities but that’s not the case apparently, and chances are you’ll end up with a back ache if you try plogging.