I noticed Al Rifai’s ads all over the billboards in the past few days and wasn’t sure if they were celebrating a milestone or sending out a message. I checked their Facebook page and they had a small video explaining what this is all about. It appears that they will no longer operate at the Beirut Duty Free and they’re not really happy about it. In fact, they’re contesting the decision and wondering about the motive behind it.

I have no idea what the story is but I asked a friend who was traveling to check out Al Rifai’s stand and it looks like Castania will be replacing them, which makes their campaign pretty awkward. Since they’re obviously venting against Beirut Duty Free’s management not Castania, they should have sent out a good luck message to Castania in my personal opinion and praised their brand in a witty and funny way just like they always do.

After all, Castania is another 100% Lebanese brand that we are all proud of and that serves awesome nuts. I’ve been following their ads for years as well and they’re almost always creative and smart.

Now let’s see how Castania’s stand will compare to the awesome one Al Rifai had at the Beirut Duty Free.