I guess the below answer pretty much explains why there’s a plate number on the Lotus Evora GTE. Thank you Beirut Duty Free for the reply.

Dear All,

Thannks for your patience, below is the explanation as to why there was a number plate on the car.

“In response to the query, the GTE is a special race car that was still subject to homologation when ordered and provided to Lebanon.
As a consequence this vehicle was registered prior to going to “Mansory” (who is a LOTUS partner for Special Modifications) to have the GTE enhancements made to the car. The car went to Germany for the modifications.
The registration would then have allowed it to be used when returned to the UK in GTE guise should it have been passed to another dealer,As it transpired, we took the car prior to it being allocated elsewhere.

The car is definitely new, and was registered in the UK (without being used) for the following reasons:
– At that time they did not know we are bringing the car to Lebanon
– For Homologation reasons as is based on a race car
– For modification reasons since that car was transferred to Germany for the modifications

Thank you.