Remember Mouin Merhebi? The Lebanese Minister who sexually harassed a TV host live on air almost a year ago? Well he’s back this time with disgusting comments on people with disabilities/special needs. During a phone call with LBCI, he was lashing out at Gebran Bassil and stated the below:

انتقد المرعبي الوزير جبران باسيل، لدى حديثه عن المحاصصة الطائفية في البلد، قائلاً: «ما ضل واحد ما عندو إعاقة الا ما وظفو جبران باسيل بإدارات الدولة، بينما عنا خريجي جامعات بلا شغل».

In other terms, he’s saying that Bassil is hiring people with disabilities while there are college graduates with no jobs. Why would he assume people with disabilities are not educated or capable? Why would he say such disrespectful and disgusting comments? Why is everyone so quiet about it? I don’t know.