If you want more proof that this resigned government is managing miserably the COVID-19 pandemic, the Interior Ministry just announced a renewed selective lockdown of 169 villages and towns for one week starting Monday. At first, they decided to shut down all businesses including bakeries, pharmacies and supermarkets, then they realized it was a stupid decision and kept them open for customers.

Now they want to shut down ordered bars, pubs and nightclubs nationwide “until further notice”, and have no idea how to manage schools in quarantined villages. Similarly, I’ve had a couple of friends travel back to Beirut and they weren’t even asked to do a PCR which is quite absurd!

To be fair, most governments world-wide are struggling to manage the crisis, but they know at least how to communicate properly with the people and coordinate efforts. Here in Beirut, Interior Minister is constantly clashing with the Health Minister & Education Minister, while the Prime Minister is busy writing another dumb-ass book of his, and let’s not get started with the parliament & president.

The authorities failed miserably since March to manage this pandemic, and they are making us all pay the price now. They shut down businesses without giving them any alternatives, they didn’t increase testing to enhance contact tracing, they weren’t able to enforce any lockdown measures, they simply failed on all levels.

Once again, it’s up to the people to stay safe and raise awareness. Do it for yourself, for the sake of your parents, your grandparents and vulnerable people.