When we labeled all ruling parties as corrupt, many get offended and claim that they’re doing more than enough to fight corruption and set things straight. It’s been a year almost since the revolution started, and since then, tons of corruptions cases were exposed on TV and brought to justice, yet not ONE SINGLE case has been concluded and NOT ONE PERSON has been arrested yet.

Here’s a list of scandals that were brought to light since 2019 and are still pending:

– Lebanon wildfires 2019: Government was investigating if there were any criminal intent behind them but we never heard back from the Hariri government or the one after it, and here are in 2020 with wildfires ravaging whatever is left of our forests.

– Idle Fire Fighting Helicopters: President Aoun ordered an investigation into the reasons that rendered three firefighting Sikorsky idle during the 2019 wildfires, yet all we know so far is that they’re planning to sell the planes cause someone forgot to renew or pay for their maintenance.

– Fraudulent Oil investigation: We accused Sonatrach of cheating then renewed the contract and no one got arrested yet.

– Mecanique Scandal: Another “forgotten” file in Ghada Aoun’s drawer that was politicized and as a result all suspects were freed and we still don’t know who stole what.

– Bribes at the Port: This is one of many cases brought to light by Al Jadeed and no actions were taken yet.

– Illegal hiring in the public sector: Remember the 5000+ illegally hired across public institutions? Well they’re still employed and wasting our tax money.

– Rotten Chicken Scandal: The PR Stunt by the corrupt customs and birthday boy Mohammad Abou Haidar drove a company out of business, without any concrete proof to back their claims. We’re still waiting to hear back from the lab tests being held and which chicken is considered safe to eat and which is not?

– Ziad Itani Scandal: After being wrongly accused of collaborating with Israel, and getting tortured while in custody, those who orchestrated this crime are still roaming free without punishment.

– Telecom scandals (Operators + Minister) + Education Ministry PMU Programs: Two more scandals investigated by Al Jadeed without any actions being taken by the authorities.

– BDL Audit & transfer of funds: Who transferred billions abroad? What’s happening inside BDL? Even though we signed with foreign companies to start the audit, don’t get your hopes high as they can’t do much due to legal limitations.

– Beirut Blast: We were promised a swift five-day investigation. It’s been over two months now and nothing yet.

They’re all corrupt, they’re all incompetent and they all must go.