Update: Diaego is not the first apparently in Lebanon as Zomato has implanted a 6 months paternity & a 6 months maternity for its employees since May.

Diageo Lebanon is set to be the first in Lebanon to implement a 6-month paid maternity AND paternity leave policy for its employees, “as part of a global roll-out of ambitious parental leave policy from the spirits company”. The policy will be implemented in all countries and on all employees as of the first of July this year, regardless of how long they have been a part of the company.

This is great news as Lebanese fathers are only entitled to one paternity day which sucks. Last year, there were talks about extending the parental leave in Lebanon to three days but it was never approved.

The first few weeks after a baby is born are the toughest on parents and especially the mother and dads should be there to help out and bond with their new baby born. Most fathers I know take few days off to compensate for this ridiculous 1-day parental leave and most mothers extend their maternity leaves as well because 10 weeks is not enough as well.